To greatly improve the rate of success of its members, students of Northwestern University with advanced degrees, earning careers in management and discipline-specific consulting. To do so, ADCA unites the brilliant men and women of NU's graduate student body mutually pursuing these careers to propagate best practices, provide a central bank of resources, and create a codified learning environment whose total success is greater than the sum of its parts. Through peer interaction, social and professional networking, and business primers on assorted topics pertinent to the field, ADCA will train its members in skills ubiquitous to consulting but difficult to learn in their academic silos.


To be the primary source graduate students with advanced degrees use for entering a career in strategic and discipline-specific consulting, and to be the primary source consulting firms contact in finding the sharpest talent at Northwestern University for their positions. Such a vision will be achieved by proving success over time, fostering close relationships with local and global consulting firms, and adapting to the needs of the field as the field does to its clients. ADCA's members will possess the tools requisite of a sustained career in consulting and, through their deep advanced skills and broad strategic acumen garnered from ADCA, be of the utmost market value to consulting recruiters.


The Advanced Degree Consulting Alliance is founded on a core set of values. These values combine those of the founding members, those demanded by being an organization within the Northwestern academic community, and those necessary to succeed in the consulting industry. Here the values are enumerated and described to serve as a guiding reference for future leaders and members of ADCA.

(1) Equal Opportunity. ADCA does not discriminate membership based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, economic status, or anything else.

(2) Diverse Learning. Building on equal opportunity, ADCA encourages learning about the consulting industry from programs offering diverse perspectives and teams with diverse members. Since consulting firms expose their employees to a diverse set of business models, teams, challenges, and learning opportunities, preparation through ADCA must and will match this diversity.

(3) Leadership. To be impactful individuals and attractive to consulting firms, ADCA’s programs encourage and teach its members to develop and refine their leadership skills. ADCA recognizes that there is no perfect embodiment of a leader but that leadership requires channeling unique individual personality traits to influence groups, make challenging decisions, embark on new initiatives, and become mentors or role models to others.

(4) Teamwork. ADCA believes that the output of teams is greater than the sum of its individual parts, so that preparing for consulting interviews in teams will be encouraged to optimize performance during job searches. Further, all consultancies hold teamwork as one of their tenants of success in meeting client’s needs, so consultants are expected to be able to work effectively in teams. ADCA matches this value by providing a central place for advanced degree students to form teams in preparing for interviews.

(5) Mentorship. ADCA’s members will be at various points in their knowledge of consulting from those who are first learning about the field to those who have received offers from top firms. ADCA firmly believes in mentoring advanced degree students new to the field so they may make informed career decisions, and so they may receive advice on best practices for earning a career in consulting.

(6) Integrity. Integrity encompasses both morality and ethical behavior, pillars of successful business operations and paramount to forging trust among team members and clients. ADCA requires its leaders and members act with the utmost integrity both within and without ADCA as members of the Northwestern academic community, hopeful consultants, and tenants of the world.


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