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When leaders of the world's largest, fastest-growing companies look for help with their most complex challenges, they call Bain & Company. Today, we are at the top of our field, helping organizations—many of which are brands you're familiar with—create change. We’ve worked with majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations, hundreds of nonprofits, and private equity funds representing 75% of global equity capital.


In order to continue creating change and driving impact for our clients, we must continue to grow our team of exceptional colleagues. We look for intelligent, well-rounded individuals who possess a passion for continued learning, a history of leadership and teaming, a track record of success, and above all, the commitment to achieving the very best in everything they do and making an impact. At Bain, your potential to have an impact is endless and starts on day one of the job. By teaming with executives at leading global businesses, you’ll be influencing the landscape of not just one company, but an entire industry.


If you are a PhD, JD, or MD student or recent graduate or if you are currently working in a Postdoc program or as a medical resident/fellow/intern and you are considering a career in consulting, we invite you to get involved during our upcoming 2018 Advanced Degree recruitment cycle and learn why we are consistently recognized around the globe as the #1 best place to work. Information about our events and recruitment timelines are listed below…


Advance Into Consulting (AIC):


We recognize that leaving your chosen field could be quite the leap of faith, so we invite you to learn more about our firm, meet some members of our team, and become more acquainted with the type of work we do during one of our AIC events- offered this June in several Bain office locations across the country:


2017 AIC Dates & Locations:


·        Monday, June 12th:          Houston, TX

·        Thursday, June 15th:        Atlanta, GA

·        Monday, June 19th:          New York City, NY

·        Thursday, June 22nd:       Boston, MA

·        Monday, June 26th:          Chicago, IL

·        Thursday, June 29th:        San Francisco, CA

·        June-July 2017:               Virtual AIC(s)*

*We will also host a few webinar sessions for those that are not able/invited to attend an in-office event.


AIC events will offer:

·        An overview of what the role of a Consultant entails

·        Information on how you’ll be trained and supported

·        Insights into the case interview process

·        An interactive activity to highlight the way our case teams think and work together

·        Discussions on why joining Bain will be beneficial to your career growth

·        Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and meet with our teams


In order to be eligible for AIC, candidates must be available for the full duration of the event (~5 hours) and should be located within commuting distance of the Bain office that is hosting the event. 

Introducing Bain’s ADvantage one-week internship - a highly selective program offered specifically for Advanced Degree students seeking an even deeper immersion into life at Bain and a career in consulting. The program includes a full day of training followed by several days of being staffed to a real Bain case team and participating in our client work. The week will also offer a variety of social activities and events that will allow you to meet more members of our team and experience our rich and unique culture.


2017 ADvantage Dates & Locations:


·        July 10th - July 14th:         San Francisco, CA

·        July 31st - August 4th:      Chicago, IL

In order to be eligible for ADvantage, candidates must be available for the full 5 days of the program and must be based within commuting distance of the Bain San Francisco office or the Bain Chicago office during the program week. 


Candidates that are selected to interview for ADvantage will participate in one round of standard case interviews and should be prepared for these interviews in mid-late May. Additional details and interview preparation materials will be provided to selected candidates.


Applying to AIC and ADvantage:


If you’re interested in applying for any of our AIC events, our ADvantage internship, or both, you can find more details on the application process and eligibility requirements here.


·        AIC/ADvantage Application Deadline: Friday, April 21st, 2017

o   Please note this is a joint application - you will have the opportunity to select which event(s) you are applying for

·        How to Apply: The joint application for AIC/ADvantage will go live on our website on April 4th 2017 and will remain open until the April 21st deadline.

o   Bain will not begin reviewing applications until after the April 21st deadline. We recommend submitting your most up-to-date application and resume closer to this date.  We hope to communicate all invitations by late May 2017.

Bain Info Sessions & Campus Visits:


Considering a career in consulting but want to learn more about Bain & Company and what differentiates us from our competitors? Join us for an introductory session where we’ll present an overview of our firm, more details on the role of a Bain Consultant, and information on our upcoming recruiting calendar. See below for details on an information session near you/on your campus:


Curious About Consulting (Northwestern & University of Chicago)

o   Friday, March 31st @ 5:00-7:00pm CST

o   Bain Chicago (190 S LaSalle St, Floor 34, Chicago, IL 60603)

o   Click here to register

Webinar Opportunities:


Over the course of the spring/summer, we’ll be offering various webinar opportunities for AD candidates. As dates and registration information for our webinars become finalized, we will be posting these opportunities on our website, so stay tuned. Webinar topics will include…


Bain Asia Pacific Advanced Degree Webinar

o   An introduction to Bain & Company’s APAC offices (Asia Pacific & Australia)

o   Wednesday, April 5th @ 8:00-9:00pm EST

o   Click here to register

Curious About Consulting

o   An introduction to Bain & Company, the Consultant role, and our 2017 AD recruiting calendar

o   Tuesday, April 11th  @ 4:00-5:00pm EST

o   Click here to register

·        Cracking the Case

o   An introduction to the Bain case interview format

o   TBA - May 2017

Advance Into Consulting – Virtual Session(s)

o   Virtual session(s) of our in-office AIC days will be available for those unable to attend a live event

o   TBA - June/July 2017

Case Interview Preparation (tips and tricks for mastering your Bain case interview)

o   TBA - August 2017

o   Offered to all candidates who are selected for full-time interviews


2018 Full-Time Consultant Opportunities:


If you’re interested in applying for one of our full-time Consultant positions starting in 2018, you can find more details on the role and the application process here.


·        Full-time Application Deadline: Friday, July 21st, 2017

·        Full-time Interviews: August through October 2017

·        How to Apply: Click here to apply on our website

o   Bain will not begin reviewing applications until after the July 21st deadline. We recommend submitting your most up-to-date application and resume closer to this date.


Active Learning & Supportive Culture at Bain:


We firmly believe that you can only realize your full potential if you are working with great people in a supportive culture that is focused on helping you succeed. It's likely that you've enjoyed the support of world class educational institutions as you have pursued your degree, and Bain is a natural progression for applying everything you've learned there. This culture is mirrored throughout our 50+ global offices and our extensive alumni network.


Professional support at Bain starts from day one with our world-class global training. We’ve also established various Bain affinity groups, which offer members additional levels of connection via coaching, mentoring and professional development.


Contact Us:


Should you have any further questions regarding Advanced Degree recruiting at Bain & Company or any of our upcoming events, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!