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ADCA Weekly Case Prep Meetups

Are you ready for Consulting Case Interviews?

ADCA will be organizing regular case prep meetups from August 11th until October 2nd. We will be meeting in select locations on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses twice a week. The goal of this endeavor is to provide an opportunity for students to both observe and practice the case interview process. This is not meant to replace your individual case preparation, but will provide an opportunity to engage with others currently preparing for the case interview process. If you are interested in joining us, you can use the following links to sign-up! However, to help ensure the success of this of these meetings we ask that you agree to the following requests:

1- SIGN-UP for each meeting that you plan to attend, even if the notice is last minute. Please only reserve a space if you know you will be able to attend (space is NOT limited).

2- BE PUNCTUAL. Should you have to cancel, please do it with AT LEAST a 3-hours notice as people may come from remote places/campuses. Repeated late cancellations will result in a ban.

3- BE PREPARED. Please review the materials before hand if you intend to give a case. For those of you who are beginners (and not applying this Fall), consider taking the interviewer’s role until you are comfortable with the approach to cracking the case.

4- Case prep format: - 1 case as interviewee, 1 case as interviewer. (2 cases as interviewer for very beginners). So consider signing-up for two consecutive slots. Should you not be available for two slots, consider just “giving” one case as interviewer. - Arrive with at least one case ready to give. Read it, understand it, have printed copies of the exhibits (if applicable) and be able to lead the “candidate” naturally. - Timing: A case should last no more than 30 minutes. Provide feedback and adhere to the schedule, so that you can rotate partners.

ADVICE: Bookmark the following links, and check the attendance an hour or two before showing-up.


CHICAGO campus: MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, starting Thursday, August 13th Feinberg School of Medicine Galter Library, Ward Building, 1st floor Small meetings rooms 2-027 and 2-030 (located on the 2nd floor of the library) Access before 6pm: 303 E Chicago Ave Access after 6pm: 300 E Superior St Sign-up link:

EVANSTON campus: TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, starting Tuesday, August 11th TGS Commons, 2122 Sheridan Rd, Room 140 (Main lounge) Enter through the door marked "2122 Sheridan" on the south side of the building (Garrett drivewayfacing). Please do not enter building from Sheridan Road or through the door with the "600 Haven Street" address. Note: This room is not formally reserved. Should it already be in use for an event, please use the satellite rooms. Sign-up link:

For both locations: Non-NU members of ADCA are welcome to join, but make sure to arrange with a contact at NU to enter the buildings and sign-in with a valid state-issued I.D. at the security desk.


Good luck for your interviews!

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